My Positions

Campaign for Common Ground: Bringing Unity to Congress

In today’s divided political landscape, it’s time for a change. I believe we need to bridge the gap and put the people of Colorado first. My first act as your representative will be to meet with every member of Congress, regardless of their party, to discuss our shared priorities and co-sponsor legislation for the benefit of all Americans.

Defending Our Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is a fundamental right that I will always protect. It’s not about hunting; it’s about safeguarding ourselves, our families, and our nation. I will never vote to infringe upon this right. I myself own 19 firearms, I even reload some of my own ammunition and have taught my three children how to do the same.

Putting District 3 Before Money

Unlike my opponent, I understand that the primary role of a Congressional representative is to serve the district. In 2022, our district received nearly $1.1 billion less than the average Colorado district in federal funding than it deserved, resulting in inadequate infrastructure, including our crumbling roads. For a family of 4, $5,800 of their tax dollars went to Washington DC, and did not come back. It’s time to prioritize our district and secure the funding needed for essential projects.

Protecting Our Ranchers

Ranchers are essential stewards of our environment, they put food on our tables, but they need our help to keep our ecosystem functioning properly. 39,000 cattle ranchers in Colorado have to put up with predation of livestock. I propose the Rancher Predation Act to provide fair compensation to ranchers for their losses and expedite the process. We can’t afford to let bureaucracy hinder their vital work.

Utilizing Beetle Kill Wood

Our forests are under threat from beetle kill, and we must find innovative solutions. By incentivizing the harvesting of beetle-kill lumber and offering tax breaks for products made with this wood, we can address both environmental and economic concerns.

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